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Why Us


At Infinite Accounting & Tax Solutions we want our clients to attain the best possible value for every single penny they spend with us. Whether it’s a simple income tax return or any of our full suite of professional accounting services, we are confident that your return on investment will surpass anything that you ever hoped for when dealing with any of the much larger firms.

We think outside the box

We embrace technology. We are committed to efficient, mobile, no fuss methods that use the best of cloud accounting and online bookkeeping technology. Let’s face it, technology has increased our capacity and extended our reach, and the best part is that everything is online. We can efficiently serve clients from Vancouver to Calgary, Toronto to Halifax and everywhere in-between!


You’ll never pay more at Infinite Accounting & Tax Solutions

As professionals, we are committed to maximizing efficiencies. There will never be unnecessary time added to your file. You see, the big guys tend to carry way more overhead and due only to the nature of the beast, their size lends itself to inefficiencies. What we mean by this, is that usually a junior accountant is responsible to complete your file,which is then reviewed by a senior accountant and then on to a manager for review. After review, it goes back down the chain, eventually ending up back on the desk of the junior to fix. Once fixed, it goes back up the ladder of review and if the manager is satisfied, then it goes on to the partner, each time costing someone, for the team’s file preparation. Larger firms are great because they usually have vast experience and well trained professionals, but that is also why it usually costs more with this approach.

At Infinite Accounting, we work a little differently. Because of this, you can expect exceptional value in the form of highly personalized services and experienced professionals - all at an affordable price.

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